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For a cleaner, healthier nose, naturally

Stérimar offers a range of gentle and 100% natural sea water nasal sprays and pumps suitable for all the family, even babies*. The range includes products that provide relief from hay fever and allergic rhinitis and for relief from congestion associated with rhinitis, sinusitis, or rhinopharyngitis, with solutions suitable for acute or chronic conditions.

With solutions available on prescription and OTC, Stérimar is clinically and scientifically proven to provide relief from nasal disorders.

Stérimar is available in varying concentrations of salt; all products are classified as either isotonic or hypertonic, although products vary in levels of hypertonicity.

Isotonic solutions contain the same concentration of salt as cells in the human body; they’re gentle enough to use on an ongoing basis for chronic conditions. Stérimar Nasal Hygiene and Stérimar Baby are both isotonic solutions.

Hypertonic solutions contain a higher concentration of salt than the human body, meaning that they have an osmotic effect on cells with a semi-permeable membrane: they draw fluid out of cells. In cases of nasal congestion, hypertonic solutions draw excess fluid out of swollen tissue, relieving swelling symptomatic of congestion. Hypertonic solutions within the Stérimar range include: Stérimar Stop & Protect Allergy Response (moderately hypertonic), Stérimar Kids (with a level of hypertonicity suited to kids’ noses) Stérimar Congestion Relief and Stérimar Stop & Protect Cold and Sinus Relief.

Stérimar Stop & Protect Allergy Response and Stérimar Stop & Protect Cold and Sinus Relief are both innovative complexes based on ingredients of natural origin. Their double action is achieved through film forming hyaluronic acids which both encapsulate and inactivate exterior particles, whilst at the same time protecting the nasal mucosa. Click here to find out more.

The sea water in Stérimar is sourced from a region off the Brittany coast in France which is renowned for its purity. The water is then brought to the UK to and packed under ISO 13485 conditions. The micro-biologically controlled manufacturing process ensures total safety for patients whilst preserving the sea water trace elements that are essential to maintain the natural homeostasis in the nose at a cellular level.

Stérimar is based on 100% natural sea water and is steroid and preservative free. It respects the nasal mucosa and will not cause rebound congestion. It is so gentle that it can be used by people of all ages, including pregnant and breastfeeding women, babies and those who cannot use medication, as directed by a doctor or pharmacist*.

The product was created in the early 1970s, and is now sold in 84 countries. It is a leading brand within the French nasal hygiene market, and is used by millions around the world to relieve nasal conditions. It is recommended by doctors in the UK and is currently the most popular prescribed range of saline solutions on the Drug Tariff+.

Stérimar is available from Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy, supermarket pharmacies and most chemists.


*Refer to each product for specific age and usage

+NHS prescription cost analysis 2015

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