Pharmacy part 1: Allergic rhinitis

Pharmacist learning - course summary

CPD for pharmacy staff: Allergic rhinitis

The resources on The Stérimar Academy website can act as triggers for your CPD. 

For your convenience, a CPD Recording Form is provided for you to note down your reflections and actions whilst using the site. This can be saved onto your computer as evidence of your CPD and in readiness for logging your records onto the General Pharmaceutical website:

Firstly, click here to read our educational module on allergic rhinitis.

Then consider the following questions to help you think about your learning and development:



  • Do I need to update my knowledge on the condition of allergic rhinitis and current treatments?
  • Do my support staff understand the actions and uses of sea water nasal sprays and understand how they work and when to recommend these products?
  • What is the difference between:
    • Stérimar Nasal Hygiene
    • Stérimar Congestion Relief
    • Stérimar Baby
    • Stérimar Kids
    • Stérimar Stop & Protect Cold and Sinus Relief 
    • Stérimar Allergy Response



  • Use resources such as Sterimar Academy to update my clinical knowledge
  • Research materials on this website that can be used to train my support staff
  • Set aside time to train the support staff
  • Research other materials such as magazine based materials and programmes from CPPE



  • Select and read any relevant clinical updates from The Stérimar Academy
  • Use sections on The Stérimar Academy website as the basis of a training session for staff on allergic rhinitis, and on the mode of actions of nasal sprays such as Stérimar
  • Visit the Allergy UK website for more information for myself and for any customers
  • During the summer, assign a member of staff to monitor the pollen count via the pollen counts forecast website (click here for more details)
  • Use the videos on the website to help demonstrate to customers how to use Stérimar




  • Discuss The Stérimar Academy resources with my local GP practice as they will find it useful for their own professional development
  • Review the range of Stérimar products stocked by my pharmacy
  • Assign a member of staff to implement the Stérimar merchandising kit
  • Consider ‘dual sitting’ Stérimar with the hay fever/allergy products both behind the counter and on open display, and also with the nasal sprays


Written by Lesley Johnson MRPharmS, Director of Education & Training at CIG Healthcare Partnership

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