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What the professionals say about Stérimar

“Stérimar Baby harnesses the benefits of seawater with a reduced salt content for extra gentleness. Minerals and trace elements like those found in seawater are extremely important for the homeostasis of the internal environment of the body. Stérimar Baby works with the physiology of your baby’s nose to strengthen its defences and keep it in top condition.” Dr Catherine Hood


“Stérimar Baby is a great new option for parents, as the micro-fine spray gets into all the nooks and crannies of the nasal passages to wash out any excess mucus and clear congestion gently and safely. The specially-designed nozzle not only ensures the product can be safely administered, but also makes the product very easy for parents to use with just one hand.”- Dr Mike Smith


"The nose acts as a filter against germs but can't function properly if it's congested. This 100% natural seawater spray helps clear airways and lets your nose do its job." - Dr Glenis Scadding, ENT Specialist


"The protective film of moisture that coats the delicate membranes of the nasal passages is the body's first line of defence against airborne infection. On any flight longer than about an hour, this film disappears. A saline nasal spray improves comfort when you travel by air, and restores protection from the body's natural defence mechanism. At the Fleet Street Travel Clinic, we often recommend Stérimar to our patients." - Dr Richard Dawood, specialist in Travel Medicine at the Fleet Street Clinic


"You can use Stérimar to cleanse the nose of pollen, and relieve nasal congestion and dryness." - Dr Pamela Evans, Allergy Consultant at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge


"As a pharmacist, I recommend Stérimar as a safe, natural way to clear the nasal passages and remove small particles from the nose. Suitable for children and adults, Stérimar is a great hay fever remedy for people who prefer the natural option." - Sonal Davda, MTPharma,


"We frequently receive requests from members of the public for a natural product to ease their nasal hay fever symptoms. Stérimar is a product which is recommended by experts to reduce irritants within the nose. It makes sense that washing our nasal passages will help, particularly if we are allergic to pollen and airborne allergens." - Muriel Simmons, Allergy UK


What the public say about Stérimar

“I love this product and I recommend it wholeheartedly - it's great that they now have a baby version! Peace of mind and a good night's sleep (for you and the baby) in a bottle! Brilliant!” - Mummy Manda on Stérimar Baby (22.05.11)

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“I am so pleased there is this safe, easy to use solution called Stérimar Baby” -  Adele Jennings (12.04.11)

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"I recently tried Stérimar. I’d been suffering from a chronic blocked nose, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis, nasal back drip leading to a chronic cough for a couple of years. I contemplated going for septoplasty when I saw my ENT doc due to the lack of quality sleep I was getting with my blocked nose. After using Stérimar once, I felt a long lost feeling of clear nose breathing coming back! So happy this product helps so much." - Yan


"I have chronic sinusitis and one heck of an allergy to dust. I've been on different rounds of medication and nasal sprays. None worked too well, I’ve never noticed any significant improvement at all. Then recently my doctor advised me to try Stérimar. My congestion and allergy have been reduced and breathing is no longer a chore. It's also easier to get rid of the constant phlegm in my throat." - Jin (04.11.08)

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"I used this spray after I had a sinus operation as it was recommended by the doctor and I still use it now and again. It's as good as it is natural. Would definitely recommend it." - T Coughlan (18.06.08)


"I bought this item for my son. He has breathing problems and this item was recommended by the consultant. It’s great and works well.” – G. Tekchandani (31.05.09)


“I have found this product Stérimar seawater nasal spray very good. It brings comfort from nasal problems.” - Fred Parkinson (28.05.11)


“Have suffered from acute sinusitis for last 10 yrs.  Only ever taken penicillin in the past on prescription. However, since using Stérimar Congestion Relief I've had no attacks, so product speaks for itself.” - Stephen R. Wells (27.01.11)

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